Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Downsizing in Style

I did panic a bit when I realized that my little family would not only be moving across the country, but also moving from 2000 s/f into 800 s/f! I soon knew that I would be forced to leave behind lots of my favorite pieces of furniture and accessories, but this meant that I would also be able to buy all "new" things.  I only brought 2 chairs, a few accessories, and a little side table....the rest, I found within a 2 week period. I mean, really, what designer worth his salt can't furnish a teeny little apartment in 2 weeks right?! Well, it was a challenge, but I got it done- and all on a small budget. Here are some photos that I quickly snapped of the finished project. The photo quality isn't the best, but you'll get the idea.

As you can see, my living room is a multi-functional space. I wanted each space to serve its purpose, but I also wanted each space to be designated while not blocking any views. I hung a mirror over the small "fireplace" to be the dividing line between the living and dining areas. I also placed a plant near the entrance to the room to give a little buffer from simply walking directly into the space. There was no architecture in the room, so I added some simple ladder style bookcases on each side of the large window. I also hung the drapery rods completely to the ceiling to give the room some height. 
Of course, area rugs are perfect to ground a space, and here, I chose a cowhide ($199 from Ikea).
As I said, I brought two chairs with me; they are polar opposites-but somehow work well together.
I didn't paint the walls (and it's not my favorite color) but at least it's a neutral.
The black leather sofa is also from Ikea and the artwork is from my friend and artist, Neal Wagner.
(Side note: the door you see here is not the main entrance, but leads to a patio).

I chose a trunk as an end table. I loved the touch of silver, not to mention the incredible amount of crucial storage that it provides.

I designated the dining area by hanging a chandelier (that I made from a discarded one) and wired it with a plug so that I could just take it with me when my lease is up. (I'll simply patch the little hole in the ceiling where the hook is located). 

On the dining room walls, I chose a different color, but complimentary shade of drapes. I also repurposed artwork from another project and used it as my dining room art.

This is a shot into the kitchen area. No room for a bar, but a simple tray stand from West Elm does the trick and looks sleek and stylish at the same time.

Yes, there is a bedroom. I'll post some photos of that tiny little room soon and show you some more secrets of how I added some glamor to that tiny space very soon.

I guess the moral of this story is to love where you live, no matter the size. No one wants to come home to a boring, cold home, so get out there and find the things that make you happy, and make your house (or tiny LA apartment) a home. :)

...Till next time.