Sunday, July 10, 2011

Painted Floor Inspirations

I have always loved the simplicity of painted floors. I'm not saying that all of the designs on painted floors are simple-far from it- (as seen by some of the designs in this post), but the basic idea of painted floors is a very simple one.  Essentially, you can paint over any floors with the right paint product. I have seen elaborate designs on hardwood, parquet and even plywood floors, but you're really only limited by your imagination and willingness to paint over what you curently have. I was reminded of the beauty and drama of painted floors while watching Mary McDonald's floor transformation on

Painting your floor is not only a great way to update your room, but it's also a wonderful way to hide flaws on not-so-perfect or older flooring.
Ok, enough babbling, here are some great floors that have been accentuated with nothing more than a little creativity...oh yeah, and some paint. :)

Till next time....