Friday, February 26, 2010

Large Groupings of Small Objects

Let's face it, we all want something in our home that makes a statement, but we all can't afford that million dollar painting or gold wall sconces. I think one of the easiest and most cost efficient ways to create a focal point is to gather a large grouping of objects on one wall. Most of you are familiar with the concept of several framed pictures or pieces of artwork, and I love this look too.
Large groupings tend to give the feel of a collection of things that you have gathered over the years rather than just running out to buy one large thing. It also allows the eye to see the entire effect of the grouping rather than just one object which gives the wall more interest. Below are some examples of various groupings that might just work on your own walls:

Below, you can see that other objects of similar styles create an impact when grouped:

So think outside the box! Check your attic or even some thrift stores and look for any objects that you like that might work: old wall sconces, mirrors, basket lids, etc. Possibly paint them all the same color and let the texture and shape of each one create interest. So get going and group those objects to make your own focal masterpiece!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some of my favorite Target accent tables

Target has long been my go-to place for inexpensive end tables and accent tables that have the beautiful upscale look of high-end furniture without the price tag. Of course, they do have a more expensive line as well, but there is a remarkable number of wallet-friendly versions to choose from. Here are some highlights that I think will work in any decor (most have free shipping!):

Love these wooden tables. I can see them in a modern or rustic setting:


Target says this branch table is currently sold out online but I just saw it in my local store last week for $89.99.

This table has been at Targe stores for a while now, but I just love the modern shape, yet it has a traditional feel as well. Also, the narrow base would make it a pefect fit in small rooms. You could possibly paint the interior or underside of the table in a coordinating color of your room for a more custom look.

If a modern look is more your style, these are $109.99 each:

And this is my all-time favorite!

Looks like someone chopped off the wicked witch's legs from The Wizard of Oz!But this can be yours at Target for a mere $239.99

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grasscloth Wallpaper

I have always loved the look of grasscloth wallpaper. It's a natural and very textured woven fiber that is very different from your typical wallpaper. For this reason, it might scare a few people away from using it. I have a light colored version on my kitchen wall as an accent behind my small kitchen table as a variation from the stainless backsplash in my kitchen.

Grasscloth (spend the extra money on the real paper, and not the textured imitation) has a timeless, upscale feel, but at the same time very casual, relaxed, and almost tribal. So, I decided to add grasscloth as an accent wall in my dining room remodel project. After spending some time in the wallpaper store (I love browsing wallpaper stores!) Grasscloth wallcovering is available in a wide variety of colors and styles from natural to more sophisticated greys, silvers, and even blues. I decided upon a grasscloth paper with a black background. Obviously, black is a timeless color that will coordinate with a lot of things, so I plan on keeping it for a while. Grasscloth wallpaper can be expensive, but if you simply add it to one wall, you can still achieve the same effect without breaking the pocketbook. I will, of course, post some pics of my grasscloth wall, but here are some that I found as inspiration:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dining Room Project

A couple of years ago, when we bought our house, I completely remodeled and renovated the entire thing. At that point, this place was so terrible and ugly that I had to concentrate on major issues such as new wood floors, paint, knocking down walls, new plumbing, etc.. Design was, of course, on my radar, but most of the money went towards the strucuture itself. So when it came time to do some design, I was on a shoe string budget and had to limit myself. I let the house dictate to me what it needed and therefore, I designed with very traditional elements and a bit of modernism and retro thrown in. I'll post some before and afters of the house project soon, but for now I'll focus on the dining room. This is what used to be the family room and I created an opening in the wall between the "other" living room and combined the two spaces visually and functionally. So I was left with this HUGE dining room and a small table and chairs and no other furniture. I made it work with some craigslist finds of orange 70s chairs and created a seating area within my dining room. It worked just fine, but something never felt right. Finally, last week, I got a wild hair and decided to begin my transformation of the dining room to what I wanted it to be. After some searching, we found some great antiques (again on craigslist) that worked great. They came as a set: table with mismatched chairs (LOVE this look, so is perfect for me), small hutch with glass door and great buffet/sideboard. The room is finally taking shape and I'm so excited! New drapes, rug, accessories, and prints will complete the look. I'm extremely happy thus far, but my goal is to avoid the granny antique look and mesh the antique with modern for an updated look (all, STILL, on a budget!)
Oh,and I'm also trying my hand at sewing (thank you mother)and we'll see how that turns out! I'll post some pics of the finished dining room very soon, but for now, I'll get back to work on it....Stay tuned....

Current Dining Room:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hi to all reading this! Thanks for taking a peek at my new blog. I felt the need to create this space after I realized that I have some views and ideas to share. I spend lots of time scouring the web, magazines, design books, fashion magazines, etc. for design ideas. I realized that if I didn't keep track of all of these inspirational images in some way or another, that they would be lost or forgotten. Instead of just keeping them to myself, I decided to create this blog to post beautiful (and hopefully mostly affordable) designs. I will post anything and everything from which I draw inspiration and hopefully you can pick up some ideas along the way as well. My personal design style is to have a base of traditional, classic features while infusing modern, up-to-date elements into the space. I also constantly search for ways to recreate design ideas for a fraction of the cost that it might be to actually purchase a piece or have it made. You'd be amazed at what you can do for less money! So thanks again for stopping by and stay tuned for beautiful, affordable and hopefully, inspiring ideas for your home...