Tuesday, November 2, 2010

David Hicks: A Design Inspiration

If you're a designer or decorator, you have heard of the name, David Hicks. He's one of my favorites and also the topic of a report that I am preparing for one of my design classes. I thought I would share some David Hicks' research from my report and also some of his amazing work for those who have not seen it.

David Hicks can be considered as one of the most influential interior designers of his generation.  Though his design firm was based in London, England, he was truly an international design phenomenon in the 1960’s and 70’s.  Hicks introduced clashing colors, geometrically patterned carpets, large-scale objects arranged in small spaces and compositions of curios and artworks, which he called tablescapes. Strong architectural elements and symmetry were important to him, and he pioneered a particular brand of eclecticism, mixing the finest antiques with the best modern pieces. He died in 1998.

Below are some of my favorite David Hicks' classic designs, courtesy of dh1970.com.

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