Monday, July 30, 2012

Updated Bathroom

Hi guys! Here are some pics of a bathroom that I designed. The old outdated space needed some major work. I used carrera marble on the floor, shower, and as a wainscoting effect half way up the wall. The floors have 12 x 12 tiles, the walls have 2 x 4 "subway" tile, and the shower floor has 4 x 4 tiles (shower floors slope so always remember to use smaller tiles here that  can be adapted to the drain slope). I even added a solid piece of carrera for the countertop. While visiting Thailand, I had seen an amazing bathroom with a similar look and decided to adapt it for a client. Below are some pics before the bathroom was totally done, but you will get the idea.


AFTER: (but not totally finished)

I don't have pics with the completely finished bathroom, but it was finished with accents of red, silver towels/rugs and a frameless mirror-turned horizontally:

Hope this helps you with some of your own bathroom design dilemmas!
'Till Next Time...