Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Room with a Mood

I love to decorate small rooms and make them even more intimate and cozy. This room fits that bill perfectly. I updated the walls with a gloss metallic paint which is almost copper in its tone, but the most dramatic change to this room is the ceiling.

I lined the ceiling with 1 x 4 strips of wood and painted them a high gloss black. The black may seem opposite of what you would do in a small room, but the glossiness of the paint gives the ceiling another dimension while also reflecting the light from the window. The dark ceiling also allows the pendant light to be a stand out feature.

 The dramatic mirror is placed to reflect the light from the window to further brighten the room.

Though the room is somewhat formal, I lightened the formality with the addition of the seashell prints and pillow. The limited and dark color pallete is punched up with the gold and white colors of the pillows, drapes, and prints. A black mid century modern chair completes the room while giving guests a place to sit.

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