Monday, August 30, 2010

Quick Wallpaper Tip

I love beautiful wallpaper, and over the years, I have hung many a roll.
However, for the beginner, it's not always the easiest thing to learn.
On top of that, when wallpaper shrinks (and most do) you will see the unsightly seam between the rolls.
Here is a quick tip to alleviate the situation!

  • Mark off the width of your wallpaper with a level and draw a vertical line where each seam will be.
  • Buy a small can of paint that has been tinted to closely match the main color of your wallpaper.

  • Paint the vertical stripe where each seam will meet.
  • Let dry and proceed with hanging.

Now, if your wallpaper happens to shrink a little, you will only see the color of the painted stripe
which should blend perfectly with your wallpaper and camouflage the shrinkage!

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