Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Room with a Mood

I love to decorate small rooms and make them even more intimate and cozy. This room fits that bill perfectly. I updated the walls with a gloss metallic paint which is almost copper in its tone, but the most dramatic change to this room is the ceiling.

I lined the ceiling with 1 x 4 strips of wood and painted them a high gloss black. The black may seem opposite of what you would do in a small room, but the glossiness of the paint gives the ceiling another dimension while also reflecting the light from the window. The dark ceiling also allows the pendant light to be a stand out feature.

 The dramatic mirror is placed to reflect the light from the window to further brighten the room.

Though the room is somewhat formal, I lightened the formality with the addition of the seashell prints and pillow. The limited and dark color pallete is punched up with the gold and white colors of the pillows, drapes, and prints. A black mid century modern chair completes the room while giving guests a place to sit.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Painted Floor Inspirations

I have always loved the simplicity of painted floors. I'm not saying that all of the designs on painted floors are simple-far from it- (as seen by some of the designs in this post), but the basic idea of painted floors is a very simple one.  Essentially, you can paint over any floors with the right paint product. I have seen elaborate designs on hardwood, parquet and even plywood floors, but you're really only limited by your imagination and willingness to paint over what you curently have. I was reminded of the beauty and drama of painted floors while watching Mary McDonald's floor transformation on

Painting your floor is not only a great way to update your room, but it's also a wonderful way to hide flaws on not-so-perfect or older flooring.
Ok, enough babbling, here are some great floors that have been accentuated with nothing more than a little creativity...oh yeah, and some paint. :)

Till next time....

Monday, June 6, 2011

Befores and Afters

I realize that it's just as important to remember where we came from as much as where we are. The same applies to a room makeover, so I've dug up some befores of rooms that I have previously posted.

Let's start with this lovely eternally 80's powder blue bathroom. I gutted this bath down to the studs so there was no trace of any blue tile or cheap vinyl floor. I also opened up the small space by removing the shower wall and installing a jetted tub with shower. You'll also notice classic white subway tile, but the new floor is marble-as well as the vanity counter top. I wanted a vanity that looked more like furniture and was pleased with this piece. The final touch was the toile wallpaper, which I consider very neutral, actually. Toile can work well if you break it up with large pieces of solid colors such as the vanity, shower, and even the toilet.







Next, is a dining room with another drastic change:



So there you have it, a couple of before and afters. I will be posting more soon, so keep checking back & Happy Designing!
'Till next time...

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Delano Hotel Miami Beach

Here are a few shots of the lovely pool and grounds area of the Delano Miami Beach. There is an "Alice in Wonderland" feel to it all.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've Got Butterflies!

I admit it. I subscribe to more design magazines that I can ever read in full, but I am able to flip through and find things that catch my design eye.  While parousing a recent edition of House Beautiful I noticed delicate and beautiful, sculpture-like butterflies on a wall of a featured home. I assumed it was some sort of exotic material that I could never dream of having, but after further reading, I realized the butterflies were made of beer cans!
Yep, beer cans. Designed by artist Paul Villinski, the butterflies are cut out of found aluminum cans and then attached to the wall in various patterns. As you see, the butterflies seem to flutter on the wall and actually, they do move a little when a puff of air blows by. Genius!
These butterflies instantly turn a blank wall into a work of art by adding texture, sculpture, and movement.
Villinski also transforms old records into similar works of art.

So now, my mission is to try and replicate these georgous dainty butterflies (not to diminish the creation of Mr. Villinski). I'll be sure and keep you posted if I get any where close to his collection.
In the meantime, enjoy and and be inspired with your own homes!

'Till Next Time...

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Tides Hotel: South Beach Miami

So, this is by far my favorite and most anticipated hotels of  the SoBe Hotel mini tour a couple of weeks ago.  Designed by uber popular designer (and one of my fav's) Kelly Wearstler, The Tides Hotel underwent a major renovation several years ago, and the results are stunning. I tried to narrow down the photos, but it was just too hard, so I posted most of them! The pallet is pretty monochromatic (aside from the fabulous red hued bar), but the textures and interesting furniture pieces make it pop. I think Kelly and I have a lot in common in that we both love touches of glamour in a space. Here she has many: the amazing light fixture, mirrored furniture, curved sofas. This hotel is truly Hollywood meets African safari....even the bathroom is gorgeous! Whatever the label, I am in love! Enjoy!!!