Saturday, November 10, 2012

Poor Nate Berkus

I'm sure Nate Berkus is having a rough time of it these days: cancelled show, no Oprah appearances;) So, in an effort to boost his spirits, I made my way 4 blocks to my nearest Target store and bought a couple (well, maybe a little more than a couple) of his items.
I have always been drawn to Nate's design style: clean, simple, but elegant and timeless-many of the same goals that I have when decorating. It was no surprise that his Target line introduces his same aesthetic in the form of accessories, lamps, bath, and bedding.

Here are a few of the things that I particularly enjoyed (and also might add, were basically all that were left on the shelves to choose from):
I have loved this Chevron patterned urn ever since I caught glimpse of it in an ad. It actually comes in 2 sizes: this larger one and cute smaller version, but I just found out that the larger size is no longer available for purchase. Glad I grabbed it when I did! I'm a sucker for anything gold and deco and these gold vases are the perfect accent piece for shelves. Again, they come in two sizes, and of course, I had to buy both :) The bone photo frame is gorgeous in the graphic pattern and again, complements the other items nicely. Basically, all of his pieces are made to coexist with each other on the same shelf or from room to room.  The black faux leather box above is also awesome. I got it to store remotes on the coffee table.

I also purchased some of his towels and washcloths. I was mostly loving the pattern and color, but neglected to see that the quality isn't what I would normally purchase. Oh well, the tags were off and I couldn't return them, so they are here to say. After a couple of washings thus far, they are actually holding up very well. My favorite is the ikat pattern:
I added this caramel color to coordinate:

This rug looks great as well with the towels.
Yikes! I bought more than I realized!
Now then, I do have to say that I returned some lamps. Again, I loved the look: stingray and chrome.  Unfortunately, I got them home and realized that the quality wasn't that great. They are super lightweight and topple easily. The lamps are also smaller scale than will work on most end tables. They felt a little light and "cardboardy" to me. 
So, all of that being said, I know that you are paying for his name on the products, but also, his level of taste. It's wonderful that beautiful pieces can be accessible to the mass public and at affordable prices. So far, nothing can be ordered online, but check with your store first, because most of the pieces sell out quickly. Overall, I say, "Bravo, Nate!" Now take all of your money made from Target and have a nice vacation.
'Till Next Time...