Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Hi to all reading this! Thanks for taking a peek at my new blog. I felt the need to create this space after I realized that I have some views and ideas to share. I spend lots of time scouring the web, magazines, design books, fashion magazines, etc. for design ideas. I realized that if I didn't keep track of all of these inspirational images in some way or another, that they would be lost or forgotten. Instead of just keeping them to myself, I decided to create this blog to post beautiful (and hopefully mostly affordable) designs. I will post anything and everything from which I draw inspiration and hopefully you can pick up some ideas along the way as well. My personal design style is to have a base of traditional, classic features while infusing modern, up-to-date elements into the space. I also constantly search for ways to recreate design ideas for a fraction of the cost that it might be to actually purchase a piece or have it made. You'd be amazed at what you can do for less money! So thanks again for stopping by and stay tuned for beautiful, affordable and hopefully, inspiring ideas for your home...

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