Friday, February 19, 2010

Dining Room Project

A couple of years ago, when we bought our house, I completely remodeled and renovated the entire thing. At that point, this place was so terrible and ugly that I had to concentrate on major issues such as new wood floors, paint, knocking down walls, new plumbing, etc.. Design was, of course, on my radar, but most of the money went towards the strucuture itself. So when it came time to do some design, I was on a shoe string budget and had to limit myself. I let the house dictate to me what it needed and therefore, I designed with very traditional elements and a bit of modernism and retro thrown in. I'll post some before and afters of the house project soon, but for now I'll focus on the dining room. This is what used to be the family room and I created an opening in the wall between the "other" living room and combined the two spaces visually and functionally. So I was left with this HUGE dining room and a small table and chairs and no other furniture. I made it work with some craigslist finds of orange 70s chairs and created a seating area within my dining room. It worked just fine, but something never felt right. Finally, last week, I got a wild hair and decided to begin my transformation of the dining room to what I wanted it to be. After some searching, we found some great antiques (again on craigslist) that worked great. They came as a set: table with mismatched chairs (LOVE this look, so is perfect for me), small hutch with glass door and great buffet/sideboard. The room is finally taking shape and I'm so excited! New drapes, rug, accessories, and prints will complete the look. I'm extremely happy thus far, but my goal is to avoid the granny antique look and mesh the antique with modern for an updated look (all, STILL, on a budget!)
Oh,and I'm also trying my hand at sewing (thank you mother)and we'll see how that turns out! I'll post some pics of the finished dining room very soon, but for now, I'll get back to work on it....Stay tuned....

Current Dining Room:

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