Sunday, February 21, 2010

Grasscloth Wallpaper

I have always loved the look of grasscloth wallpaper. It's a natural and very textured woven fiber that is very different from your typical wallpaper. For this reason, it might scare a few people away from using it. I have a light colored version on my kitchen wall as an accent behind my small kitchen table as a variation from the stainless backsplash in my kitchen.

Grasscloth (spend the extra money on the real paper, and not the textured imitation) has a timeless, upscale feel, but at the same time very casual, relaxed, and almost tribal. So, I decided to add grasscloth as an accent wall in my dining room remodel project. After spending some time in the wallpaper store (I love browsing wallpaper stores!) Grasscloth wallcovering is available in a wide variety of colors and styles from natural to more sophisticated greys, silvers, and even blues. I decided upon a grasscloth paper with a black background. Obviously, black is a timeless color that will coordinate with a lot of things, so I plan on keeping it for a while. Grasscloth wallpaper can be expensive, but if you simply add it to one wall, you can still achieve the same effect without breaking the pocketbook. I will, of course, post some pics of my grasscloth wall, but here are some that I found as inspiration:

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