Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My New Favorite Thing: Ceramic Accent Table/Garden Stool

I'm starting a new feature where I simply list some of my favorite finds as I'm out and about, so I wanted to start with something that is so simple yet functional and sophisticated:
the ceramic accent table/garden stool. 
Many of you might have seen these already as they are beginning to pop up in Target and other department stores. I first found them when I was researching tables for my HGTV redesign in LA.
I LOVE them!

They come in many colors and styles, but most of them that you will find are around the same height which is around 18-20 inches. They are perfect beside or between a chair(s) as a place to lay a book or remote,
look beautiful when grouped in pairs in your bathroom, sunroom, living room, etc., and here's the best part: you can even use them on your patio or porch (which was their intended design purpose).

Here some of my favorites:

This is from the Jeff Lewis Collection (yep the guy from Bravo's "Flipping Out") and is on clearance at for only $49!

                                           From West Elm

I apologize for the quality of this image, but this is an actual Chinese antique garden stool on Neiman Marcus' site that is 120-150 years old and is selling for $760! Whew!

Ok, now below is one that I found while designing a room and it was from Burlington Coat Factory for only $48! Hard to tell the difference!!

Here is the stool in the house. The owner decided to add
some decorative twigs to the inserts in the top.

                                $29 from

                        Beautiful chrome version for a modern edge:

So you get the idea. Pick up one of these versatile stools/accent tables
and I promise you that you will find a dozen places where you can use it!
Until next time...

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