Thursday, March 11, 2010

Money Saving Window Idea

Of course, we all want to save money, but not at the expense of aesthetics.
Following that concept, I have always tried to come up with new and affordable ways to achieve similar looks of expensive items. I have done everything from repurposing a dresser into a bathroom cabinet to creating a "chandelier" out of gutter guards (details on that to come..)
I recently completed a makeover for my very messy and cluttered garage (Video to come soon) and I had a window in the garage that I hated. It was the only window in my home that I didn't replace-partially to save money, but also because it was on the backside of the house and wasn't seen a lot. Now, once the garage renovation started, I couldn't bare to leave that old ugly window the way it was, so I changed it for cheap. I didn't want to rip it out and install a new one, but I also wanted it to look good, allow light to flow through, and have privacy.
At that point, I did what I normally do in that situation: visit Lowes and/or Home Depot for ideas. I came across the lighting department and noticed the 2 x 4 sheets of acrylic that is used for drop in lighting in suspended ceilings. Bingo!
They almost have the look of glass and come in several styles and patterns. I chose the "crackled glass" look (very similar to the "frosted windows" in bathrooms) and it worked perfectly!

Here are the steps I took:

Measure the window for the size you need. I had to measure the top and bottom part of the window for 2 separate sections.
Clean the window thoroughly with window cleaner.

Lay the acrylic on a table or hard surface and measure and mark the size needed.
Place painters tape, or masking tape, over the area to be cut to avoid splintering.
Cut the drawn line slowly with a sharp pair of scissors (I used tin snips)

Apply the sections with clear silicone caulk and let dry.
That's it! A "new" window for around $20 total!

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  1. P.S.
    The window covering can be easily removed when you're ready for a change, which for me, could be the next month ;)